SPRING '14: Preview


Spring goods are slowly trickling in, which is crazy when I think about how far away actual Spring weather is! I did learn a good 'early bird gets the worm' lesson yesterday when I got to wear a fantastic Dusen Dusen dress I had bought when the weather was closet-oppressively cold. Yesterday was a rare gem for Oregon weather and I was so happy to have a dress on hand that suited the occasion perfectly. Like a good scout, always be prepared!

Over the next few weeks (and months) I'll be adding heaps of spring-ready dresses, tops, shorts and sandals (Yes, sandals. Remember those?) from labels like Penfield, Lifetime Collective, Just Female, Swedish Hasbeens and Dusen Dusen. 

I'm pretty excited about all of it, but here's a breakdown of key pieces not to be missed:

1. Penfield Kasson Jacket. If you don't have one, or two, of this perfectly classic outdoor jacket you are missing out. The spring-weight version will be dropping soon, sans lining so you can layer up or down as you please.

2. Swedish Hasbeens Low Sandals. These babies are the real deal and they go for $109 a pair, so the best sizes get snatched up in a second. This year I've got them coming in natural and black with two different styles to choose from. Double win.

3. Saltwater Sandals. Just like Hasbeens, you can wear these ALL summer-long and still put em away for next year. Amazingly durable, cute and super reasonably priced. BOOM.

4. Dusen Dusen Tops + Dresses. Everything Ellen Dusen touches is GOLD, so expect some fantastically geometric, easy-to-wear pieces to pop up soon.

5. All-things Lifetime Collective. This is my favorite Lifetime collection yet! The most simply wearable cotton tops, dresses and shorts at the most 'might as well get two' kind of prices. Expect the first batch in a few weeks!



She's Neutral, Sorta.


I've always been more a natural/neutral sort of girl. Go easy on the color, avoid black at all costs, and when in doubt go for brown. So it's been a game-changer since I invested in some black denim and sweaters. What do I wear with that? Turns out: anything. Neutral tans and ivories have been mixed in with blue denim, leopard, khaki green and, of course, plenty of black. Here's a few of my favorite uses of this phenomenon from around the web.


All photos courtesy of tumblr and Pinterest

Black Friday Sale

Now through Sunday night, enter code: THANKS at checkout to receive 15% off your entire order! Or feel free to swing by the shop Friday-Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday 11am-6pm for 15% off. Are you participating in Little Boxes? You can score an extra 10% off with a valid LB stamped passport! Learn more: Here!


Lifetime // Winter 2013

Lifetime has been slowly nudging its way into first place in my heart. I'm so excited to bring a small selection of their Fall/Winter collection to the site shortly. Read: this coming week! I'm over the moon stoked on their Spring collection. (Don't worry, I ordered *plenty* of that!) As a teaser I'm posting a few highlights from their Fall look book. Expect great fitting basics, excellent quality and more cotton than you can shake a stick at. 

Be sure to check back this coming week for select Fall pieces. But for now, behold..

PS All outdoor shots are of Oregon's beautiful, and perpetually freezing, beaches.

All photos property of Lifetime Collective

Mazama Drinking Vessels

Some very talented friends of Victory have started producing the most amazing ceramic drinking vessels right here in Portland. It's time to take it to the next level, and they need your help. Through Kickstarter you can contribute in exchange for cups, mugs, leather coasters and so many other goodies. Best part? They ship in time for Christmas! For more info, or to contribute, check out their Kickstarter. Cheers!


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